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BA, psychology
MA, Marriage and family therapy

About Me

Integrative Therapy
NO TWO CLIENTS ARE THE SAME. NO TWO RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE SAME. I draw from multiple therapeutic disciplines to discover what works best for your particular circumstances:

  • Problem solving 
  • Structural Techniques
  • Inter-relational Techniques
  • ​Cognitive Techniques
  • Family-Of-Origin Issues
  • ​Individual Developmental Issues
  • Spiritual/Religious Considerations



Professional Approach

Become more hopeful; live your life with purpose; manage your mood more effectively.

I have been helping people achieve their therapeutic goals for over 15 years. My approach is non-judgmental, compassionate and committed to client success.

Because every client is unique, I use an integrative therapeutic approach to address each client's particular situation. 

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be welcomed into the sacred space of each client's life. I especially enjoy helping people experience connection, true intimacy and love in their relationships.


Thomas Haffner

​​and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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Improve communication; increase intimacy; enjoy each other more; marriage therapy; marriage preparation.

Manage your fears; build your confidence; learn to relax; achieve more peace.